Meet Chadwick Station



It's not very often a band comes along that sounds comfortably familiar while at the same time sounding like nothing you've ever heard before. But that's Chadwick Station. Music critics have tried to label them, to put them in a nice, neat, little box. It has been an exercise in futility. They defy all the conventional labels. Pop, rock, retro - these genre labels seem to simply bounce off. Just when you think you have them pegged you'll hear something else that blows your stereotype away.

One thing you'll notice straight away are the harmonies. Chadwick Station's vocal harmonies are reminiscent of the British Invasion. Or is it the Beach Boys? Maybe Little River Band. There we go again trying to pigeon-hole. Suffice it to say these lads have a sound all their own. All members of the band contribute to the vocal sound with front man Alvis Kensington the lead singer and principal writer. Chadwick Station have been influenced by the rich history of music that came before them but they're also forward-thinking and original enough to blaze their own trail.

This is a journey through taste and time. A winding track through dark and light, through rain and sun, through mountains and valleys. Next stop? Chadwick Station!








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