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“Quite possibly one of the greatest retro-inspired things you’ll ever hear.”
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Climbing the charts 

We're climbing up John Hook's Beach Music Top 40. Cryin' Ain't Gonna Win Her Back debuted last week at #39. This week we're at #37. Thanks, John. 

Wesley B's Beach Blast continues to spin Cryin' on his Saturday night show. We appreciate being a part of the party, Wesley.

Nice write-up in The Revue in Canada this past week. "While these guys have only just now made it onto our radar," they wrote, "this song has made us instant fans." They had some other great things to say about the song. Many thanks.


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Shout out to some DJs 

Friday, 21 August, 2020

The airplay for Cryin' has begun. We understand the inimitable John Hook spun our tune on his 'Dancing on the Edge' radio show this afternoon. John is a legend in the Carolina Beach music world. He's written numerous books on the subject and on Shagging (which always gets a snicker from Brits like us). We understand we're set to be featured on his Beach Music Top 40 program tomorrow, which is exciting. That airs from 3 until 6PM Eastern on Jukin' Oldies. We'll be tuned in!

Also, a…

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The musical drought is over 

Thursday, 20 August, 2020

After 7 long years without new music, Chadwick Station is finally back. The music industry has changed quite a bit since then. We hope to be on the forefront of a new trend. We hashed this out over several years, and we've just come to the conclusion that albums and EPs are no longer practical. We look at the way you consume music and they no longer make sense.

Time was when an artist worked diligently to assemble a roster of songs into what was called a concept album. The only…

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