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  • "This song is insanely good!
  • "Absolutely this song will be hit."
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“Quite possibly one of the greatest retro-inspired things you’ll ever hear.”
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Update on "Coming Back for More" 

One day after it was released, "Coming Back for More" debuted at #37 on John Hook's Beach Music Top 40. Very exciting. Wesley B of Wesley B's Beach Blast on 107.9 WNCT-FM in North Carolina tells us the song was very well received. Pat Gwinn debuted the song on one of his many radio shows last week. It was played on all sorts of other radio shows as well. It also debuted at #10 on the Beach Music Dirty Dozen on Spotify. We're really happy with the response.

We're also getting real serious about our email…

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Big day! 

"Coming Back for More" makes its debut today on several radio shows. It hits John Hook's Beach Music Top 40. Wesley B will be spinning it on his Beach Blast on the big 100,000-watt flamethrower in Eastern North Carolina, 107.9 WNCT-FM. And Eric Bowman is playing it on The Wave - New Beach Music Countdown on WDZD 99.1 FM. Pat Gwinn debuted the song earlier this week.

Also, a great write-up from RGM Magazine. Love their way with words.

As always, we appreciate all of your support. This song is off to a very…

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It's here! 

Chadwick Station's new beach single is here! "Coming Back for More" is a big hit with our audience test. "I really love how smooth this beat is honestly and how it makes me just want to sway my hips," one listener said. "Sound production sounded amazing," said another. Another commented, "The singer had just a magnificent tone of voice. His tone was absolutely perfect and his singing voice was just great."

"Coming Back for More" is now available everywhere.

It's coming this week! 

Chadwick Station's latest beach music single, "Coming Back for More," comes out this Friday. In addition to the great song there will also be a fun video. Love to shag? You're gonna love this music video. Even if you just love to watch people shag, you're gonna love this music video.

Now, you folks in the UK are going, "What kind of lewd band have I stumbled upon?" The shag is a dance. (Get your mind out of the gutter) It's the state dance of both North and South Carolina. When it's done right, it's a thing…

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Two weeks away! 

We're are just two weeks away from the world premiere of Chadwick Station's new beach music single, "Coming Back for More." You can pre-save the song on Spotify and get it the moment it comes out. You can also watch a short preview of the music video. Both by clicking here:

Coming Back for More by Chadwick Station