Praise for Chadwick Station


 "This song is a versatile and bright mix of the band’s roots in Britain and their influence from America that will have you on your feet and ironically “Coming Back for More”, I very much look forward to seeing what the band release next."
RGM Magazine


"The Duke-North Carolina basketball rivalry has history, excellence, passion and national attention. The one thing it hasn’t had? A theme song. A British band, accomplished at pumping out tunes mixing drums, horns and guitars with sounds of country, R&B, British pop and good old rock-and-roll, took care of that."
Raleigh News & Observer

"Quite possibly one of the greatest retro-inspired things you’ll ever hear." 
Fortitude Magazine 5 out of 5 stars 


"Given the depth of soul that lead singer and songwriter, Alvis Kensington is capable of coating his vocals in, the music Chadwick Station creates feels like it stepped directly out of another era – fluid and nostalgic, but also immediate and emotionally true."
Tuned Loud Magazine


"An amazing new track. The horns and the bass guitar are bringing back old memories, everything is great on this track. Great project."
Reignland Magazine


"Their outlook is positive and they have much to add to the world of music." 
Highlight Magazine 


"I'd say if Abbey Road was your favorite Beatles album, and you yearn for simple, sunny pop music that can take you back to that place and time, this may be right up your alley."  
John Hyland, When You Motor Away music blog 


"Vestiges of Brit-pop influences slide in graciously helping create a sort of warm, friendly pop vibe that feels like it should have been written decades ago, but manages to work its charms in modern times."  
Music Morsels Reviews 


"'Waiting for a Sunny Day' from Chadwick Station has everything. It’s an endearing album limited by nothing."  
Heather Savage, Skope Magazine


"Leaving It All Up To You has a Sixties vaudeville vibe, about half way The Zombies and The Beatles, and Startin' Tomorrow is knee-deep in ELO-alike background vocals."  
Here Comes the Flood music blog  


"It’s not often I come across an unsigned band who I would genuinely describe as my new favourite band but I think these guys might just be it."  
Show Me Something Different music blog 


"The fact of the matter is that there is just something pleasantly comforting and cheery about their compositions." 
Striker Bill music blog 


"The songs and melodies are reminiscent of The Beatles. And like the prominent group that preceded them, their music is memorable, magical and enjoyable." 


"I want them (the fans) to understand that we write and produce our music with the aim of connecting with them." 
Interview with Alvis Kensington, Indie Music Digest 


"I must admit Waiting for a Sunny Day sucked me in like a powerful drug and refused to let go long after the music was over." 
Drew Blackwell, 


"I’ve never heard an artist so skillfully combine so many genres into one unique sound. Whether this is by design or simply by accident it’s amazing." 
Mindy McCall, Vents Magazine 


“Now, I am sticking my neck out here but I really do detect elements of the Beatles in here - just occasionally the McCartney style of songwriting, reminiscent of songs such as "Michelle" and "Yesterday" peek through. Phew! How are this band going to live up to a start like that?” 
Charles Martel, Music Emissions 


"Right now after hearing Chadwick Station’s music and checking out their site I can honestly say this is what we’ve been waiting for and has all the attributes required of a world class Alternative Pop-Rock band. Need I say more?" 
Rory Richardson, Rock n' Roll View - Rating: 8 out of 10 stars 


"Chadwick Station debuted on the 7 January 2013 show. They were the first band of the show - made THAT BIG AN IMPRESSION on me! I knew then and am even more convinced now that they are definitely a band to keep our eye on. We expect BIG things." 
Sherry Sabine, host of New Driven Cruisin 


"The music is upbeat, interesting, thought-provoking, melodic and highly entertaining. Just a blast to listen to." 
Markus Druery, - Rating: 5 out of 5 


"Great sound - very professional. Love the lead vocalist, Alvis Kensington." 
IMC Radio 


"All I can say is great, just great music. The best EP I have received. The whole EP will be placed on heavy rotation from now on." 
Woods Hit Radio, Port of Spain, Trinidad