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Press coverage of Chadwick Station

  • "Chadwick Station have picked up on something which is sadly lacking in a lot of music today. Melodies. This EP is full of them, and memorable ones too. This will get your feet tapping and once the songs get inside your head, you will find yourself singing along long after the songs have finished. And if that is not a good place to start, then I do not know what is."
    ~ Charles Martel,
    Music Emissions  

  • "Lead vocalist Alvis Kensington's got a Paul/Ringo thing going on the vocals - in fact, his mannered style reminds me, in places, of Ian Anderson. I'd say if Abbey Road was your favorite Beatles album, and you yearn for simple, sunny pop music that can take you back to that place and time, this may be right up your alley." 
    When You Motor Away music blog (contributor to The Hype Machine)

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