Fan Praise

Coming Back for More (single)

  • "It's a great song and I enjoyed listening to it. Whoever is tickling those piano keys is doing the dang thing!"
  •  "Really like the brass playing in the song. Like the flare that they add. Singer sounds really jazzy. Song is uplifting for the spirit."
  •  "I found the song very enjoyable. The melody and tempo were perfect and typical jazz. It was energetic and fun."
  • "I really love how smooth this beat is honestly and how it makes me just want to sway my hips."
  •  "Sound production sounded amazing, high quality. Would recommend this song."
  •  "The singer had just a magnificent tone of voice. His tone was absolutely perfect and his singing voice was just great."
  • "Such a fun and fresh beat. The type of song I would want to hear again and again. Just love the instrumental and the lead singers voice."


There's a Girl (single)

  •  "I loved the throwback, '60s vibe. The lyrics, vocals, and beat are like the perfect blend of The Beatles and The Beach Boys with a dash of The Smiths. The sound quality is certainly on par with what I hear on the radio. I could easily see this being featured in a television show or film."
  • "Huh sweet and amazing song right here. The beats and instrumentals were well fitted with the music, the lyrics were well fitted with the music, the tone and vocals of the artist were quite clear. I enjoyed listening to this song."
  • "I really love the accent in this. I think it works very well with the song, and I think the song has a nice high energy feeling to it with good well-thought-through lyrics."
  • "Fun, quirky guitar riff that has a slight surf rock sound to it. Harmony is gorgeous, and the vocals have such a great sound to them. A great mix of classic and modern."
  • "The song has a nice intro and it made me feel happy and like I can go to the beach. They sound a lot like the Beach Boys!"

Cryin' Ain't Gonna Win Her Back (single)

  •  "This song is insanely good! I love the '70s funky groove with the bass line, the trumpets, and the punchy drums. The vocals were outstanding, and lyrically it has such a great love story behind it. Excellent song!"

  •  "Such an energetic song, and the singer just spread positive vibes through his singing, that was really amazing. And the instruments are too good. Absolutely this song will be hit."

  •  "This track has a really fun beat as it begins. I really liked the percussion. The horns were a pleasant surprise, too. The singer has a super smooth and mellow voice that carries nicely."

  • "The lead singer has some really nice vocals and goes really well with the overall composition of the song. I can definitely listen to this again over and over again."



Waiting for a Sunny Day (EP)

  • "All I can say is WOW! Where have these guys been?!? Okay, I see they're brand new and this is their first EP but WOW! I've found my favorite new band."

  • "I have their new CD and all I can say is "I feel like The Beatles have returned." Chadwick Station picks up where The Beatles left off.... Thanks guys!"

  • "I must admit that I thought the flame of great music had been extinguished by auto-tuned technopop. Then, through the fog of redundancy and mediocrity emerges a band playing instruments as they were intended to be played. With melodious harmonies to boot. Chadwick Station IS the keeper of the flame!"

  • "Sure takes me back to the days of great pop music. Great sounding and no filler songs. Loving this CD."

  • "'Before Time Slipped Away'... what can I say... BRILLIANT TUNE!"

  • "Beautifully sparkling British pop vibes blending perfectly with West Coast vocal layers to produce a bright and uplifting energy to these songs."