Alvis Kensington - Guitar, Lead Vocals

Alvis moved about quite a bit as a young lad while his father was with the RAF (Royal Air Force).  He has lived in such far-flung places as Cyprus, Qatar and the Falkland Islands before landing back in London.  His mother is American which gives him a special affection for the States.  He was never too keen on the club scene choosing instead to concentrate on writing and perfecting his sound in the studio.

His first guitar was a second-hand, red Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster he bought from a pawnbroker on East Street in south London. Since then he's owned a variety of guitars - all of them red.

Musical influences: ELO,  The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Spin Doctors, John Mayer

Ian Lancaster - Keyboard, Backing Vocals

Ian is probably the most, how should we say, vivacious of the band members. Famous for his off-the-wall comments and quick wit, he keeps the other lads in stitches. But he's serious about his music which draws its sound from all over Europe. Ian was born in England but was raised in Switzerland, France and Ireland. He speaks three languages fluently and is the de facto spiritual force of the band.

Musical influences: Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Roger O'Donnell (The Cure), Rick Wakeman (Yes)  

Curly Maddox - Bass, Backing Vocals

Jenson "Curly" Maddox came to Chadwick Station via the group The Pringels after the band was threatened with a lawsuit for copyright infringement from Proctor & Gamble who, at the time, owned Pringles potato chips. The boys had built their reputation on the warehouse rave scene over the course of several years and figured a name change would mean having to start from scratch so they disbanded. Alvis Kensington had seen the band and heard of their predicament and plucked Curly from the unemployment line.

Curly's style fit nicely into what Kensington was building. Like Chadwick Station in general, Curly's bass playing is hard to pin down. He owes that to his eclectic upbringing. His mother is of Jamaican heritage while his father is Welsh.

Musical influences: Bob Marley, U2, John Entwistle (The Who), Pino Palladino (John Mayer Trio, David Gilmour)

John Cotner - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

John is the closest thing the band has to a classically trained musician. Having studied for a short time at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama, John figured it was time to go when he began tutoring the instructors after hours in guitar. He never was too keen on the drama aspect of the schooling anyway, preferring Bonnaroo to Broadway. But he does incorporate some of what he learned in school into his stage presence.

His hobby is impersonations, keeping the other band members thoroughly amused in the studio and on the road.

Musical influences: Jimi Hendrix, Jack White, Dave Matthews, Dave Navarro (Jane's Addiction), Mike McCready (Pearl Jam)

Peter Tutt - Drums, Backing Vocals

Peter is the drummer who almost wasn't.  When Alvis was preparing for the new EP Peter was all the way across the pond in L.A. doing some session work.  It looked like Peter wasn't going to finish up in L.A. in time to start the practice sessions for the Chadwick EP project.  Alvis began auditioning for a new drummer but Peter was able to "Skype in" on the practice sessions from California and flew to Nashville to meet up with the band when recording began.  "Thank God for technology," Peter later quipped. "I wasn't about to miss out after years of struggling to get this band off the ground."

Peter was born in India to British parents, his father a civil servant hired to consult the Indian government on road projects.  His father bought him his first set of drums for his thirteenth birthday; and a pair of ear plugs for himself.

Musical influences: Jimmy Chamberlin (Smashing Pumpkins), Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters), Stewart Copeland (The Police)